Transformative learning,
a foundation for the future.

“Optimizing our programs to make them more attractive and better suited to the needs of future generations of students. […] Continuously renewing and rejuvenating our teaching methods to benefit fully from methodological, experiential and technological innovations, while ensuring that we value, recognize and reward teaching for its true worth.” (Transformation 2030)

Our priorities for 2019–2020 will strengthen the objectives outlined in the University of Ottawa’s Transformation 2030 strategic framework, in particular, we will:

  • Work with the faculties to rejuvenate our programs, whether through pedagogical approaches, innovative technologies, blended and online courses or traditional in-person courses, or types of programs (mobility programs, micro-credits, interdisciplinary certificates, etc.);

  • Collaborate with partners and professors to support a broader and better adoption of experiential learning: the Consortium d’Apprentissage expérientiel francophone de l’Ontario (CAPFO) is an example of one of our partnerships;

  • Continue to offer active teaching and blended learning workshops to professors who are utilizing active learning classrooms available in the Learning Crossroads and STEM Complex;

  • Continue to develop programs that are agile and transformative within the framework of La Cité des connaissances—Education Cityinitiative, bringing together the strengths of both college institutions and universities as well as partners from Ottawa’s public and private sectors;

  • Collaborate in organizing the 2nd Symposium of the E21 Consortium on edutainment approaches;

  • Work with the OQA in organizing the 3ième Journée d’échanges sur l’assurance qualité et l’évaluation des programmes; and

  • In order to support the Senate’s decision (June 10, 2019) recognizing the use of teaching dossiersin the formal evaluation of teaching, the TLSS is ready to assist professors in building their dossier, and members of faculty and mixed committees in evaluating these dossiers.

Do not hesitate to contact the TLSS. Together, let us transform our university community.


Change is inevitable.
Transformation is a choice.


Transforming lives through experiencial learning.


Transformative learning, the foundations of the future.

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