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Accessibility and subtitles of videos

Live Subtitles 

MS Teams

  • It is now possible to make real-time English subtitles in Teams for meetings, but not for a discussion between two people. It takes more than two people.
  • Unfortunately, real-time captioning in Teams is only available in English at the moment. 


For now, here is what is possible.


Course content

  • Ensure that course content in HTML format on BrightSpace is accessible
  • Ensure that PDFs provided to students with visual impairments are in accessible format.
  • Contact the library to find accessible resources to add to course content or use a filter to find videos that are already captioned. 

Pre-recorded videos


One option is to create a personal account on YouTube and follow these steps to create a video accessible via YouTube. Please note that YouTube only offers a voice recognition system in English. However, it is possible to use the French Voice to Text Auto Converter on YouTube free of charge. 

Microsoft Teams

  • It is possible to create a voice-synchronized transcript for an English and French video with a French or French voice recognition system, but the video must already have been recorded. (see example below)
  • So you need to shoot the video with Microsoft Stream and add the automated subtitles afterwards, and edit the mistakes, if any, made by the voice recognition system.  That said, the result is pretty good.
  • It is also possible to have a voice translated from English to French (and several other languages).

Note for bilingual videos...

  • It is not possible to put the same video twice on a STREAM or YouTube account.
  • If you want to make a bilingual video, you will need two separate accounts, enter only one version per account and create subtitles in both languages.

When presenting the course

  • Provide instructions for opening captioning (if not done in advance)
  • Ensure that inaudible information is clearly explained by the teacher aloud during the class.
  • Ask people to introduce themselves before speaking.
  • Read text questions aloud 

When returning a graded assignment

  • Do not use the comment boxes (these are not accessible).

Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS)

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