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Shared Online Projects Initiative (SOPI)

University of Ottawa and Carleton University



In response to planning for the Winter 2021 academic term in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to establish innovative cross-institutional collaboration with a focus on improving student learning, Carleton University and University of Ottawa are pleased to offer a new round of the Shared Online Projects Initiative (SOPI).

The goal of the initiative is to encourage instructors across the institutions to join their efforts in developing online modules and/or courses that can be shared, adopted, adapted, and reused at one of the participating institutions. The initiative will increase institutional flexibility in online course and program delivery, allow instructors to engage in collaborative pedagogical innovations, and provide high quality learning experiences for students at the participating institutions.


Online modules and/or courses need to be developed in collaboration between instructors of the two universities and where possible would be offered in the Winter 2021 and/or Spring/Summer 2021 academic terms. While grant recipients will retain intellectual property rights over any online modules/course developed, they will agree to release their projects with an open license, such as a Creative Commons license (CC BY or CC BY-NC), which allows the other university to freely retain, copy, modify, remix, and/or redistribute the content.


Full and part-time faculty members, instructors, adjunct term faculty, and contract instructors are eligible. We are seeking proposals from a variety of disciplines.




Monetary award for online modules/course development

The grant through this initiative provides funding of up to $8,000 per instructor for the development of online modules and/or course development. The grant excludes the purchase of technology hardware such as laptops or computers. If an instructor requires additional funding for technological supplies, please inquire within your home institution.

Non-monetary award for online modules/course development

In addition to a monetary award, grant recipients will receive support from instructional designers, educational technologists and librarians from the participating institutions during the design and development phase of their online projects.

Teaching Online Courses Developed through the Shared Project Initiative

Each of the grant recipients who will teach or co-teach these newly developed online courses in the Winter 2021 and/or Spring/Summer academic terms, will be paid according to the existing pay rules, regulations and collective agreements of their home institutions.

Proposal Process

Proposals need to be submitted to BOTH the Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) at tls@carleton.ca  and the Vice Provost (Academic Affairs) at viceprovost-acad@uottawa.ca no later than midnight on October 30 2020.

Successful applicants will be notified by November 6, 2020.

Proposals should be up to two pages long and need to include:

  • Title, level, description of a course, and approximate number of enrolled students.
  • Names and contact information of all instructors involved in collaborative projects, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each of the collaborators.
  • Timelines for project development, keeping in mind that all projects will have reduced development times (“course express model”) as compared with a usual, regular new online course development.
  • A budget explaining how the grant money will be spent.
  • A statement of the instructors’ interest in collaborating with others and sharing course materials under CC license.

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