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Transition to Distance/Online Teaching and Learning

Snapshot of Instructor, Student and Teaching Assistant Experiences

Summer 2020

The reports and summaries below highlight notable findings from instructor, student and teaching assistant (TAs) surveys about their experiences and perceptions of the recent transition to distance and online instruction/learning. The data informing these reports was collected in spring 2020.

Fall 2020

At the end of November 2020, surveys were once again conducted with professors and students to better understand how their online teaching/learning experience had evolved. This more longitudinal perspective has allowed for a better understanding of the challenges, strengths, impacts and opportunities of online teaching/learning contexts. Summary reports from these data are presented below.

Winter 2021

Stemming from the findings of surveys administered in May and in late-November 2020, the University sought the continued input of instructors, students and TAs to gain a better understanding of the online teaching and learning experience to further enhance instructional and learning supports. This report presents a summary of findings from surveys sent in early May 2021.

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