Teaching Continuity

Get ready to move from a face-to-face course to an online course!

Get ready to follow your course online!

Resources for students

Important Information

Assessment Practices

Learn about the alternatives, the available tools, and about maintaining academic integrity within Virtual Campus.

Technology options

There are a number of options available to help you achieve academic continuity for your course.

Student Accommodations

Learn about the various accommodations that are available to students enrolled in Academic Accommodation Services.


All information concerning Virtual Campus. Resources, Guides and Brightspace help files.

Online Course

A step-by-step guide to make the process run as smoothly as possible


The Transition from Face-to-Face to Online Learning: Maintaining an Engaging Experience

Tutorials (evaluation, etc.)

Video tutorials on Brightspace quizzes, assignments and tips for online teaching


Register for one of our webinars on learning assessment tools.

Videoconferencing Training

How to Use Videoconferencing for Effective Teaching

By clicking on the button below, you will find a wide range of documents describing and explaining how to effectively use Virtual Campus (powered by Brightspace). You can explore available communication tools, as well as tips on how to set up your course and browsers for a better online experience for you and your students. 


Collaborative learning—when people work together in small groups to help each other learn—is considered an effective instructional approach. But research shows that the benefits of collaborative learning, both in-person and in the virtual classroom, are mixed (Kirschner et. al., 2011). In an effort to discover the cause of these inconsistent results, researchers have been studying the effects of collaborative learning on working memory.


Collaborate with your team and continue working as if you were in the Office.  All you need are the right tools, and resources to work effectively . You can ensure business continuity through online collaboration and remote work, here are tips and guidelines to get you working remotely.

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